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Save Money on Your Cooling Bill

Eight tips for lowering your cooling bill

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 43% of our utility bill is from our heating and air conditioning units. Below are 8 tips to help cut the cost and see a relief not only in our comfort, but to our wallets as well.

  1. Plant leafy trees around your house. The shade will help keep the sun from beating directly down on the roof, thereby keeping the house cooler. Also, having the outside unit shaded increases the efficiency of your air conditioning unit by as much as 10%.
  2. Put solar screens over your windows, or coat your windows with a clear, metallic film that reflects sunlight. They block out up to 70% of the solar energy from your home.
  3. When you are at home 78 degrees is the optimal setting for your air conditioner.  When not at home, having it set higher helps to lower the cost of cooling. It is possible to save between 5 – 15 percent on your cooling bill just by raising the temperature when you aren’t home or when you don’t really need the cooling.
  4. Fans. They don’t have to be fancy, but using ceiling fans or box fans to circulate the air in the house helps keep the humidity in the home low and temperature more comfortable.
  5. Save your cooking for the cooler evenings if at all possible, instead of cooking during the heat of the day. The oven tends to heat the house up quickly, so think about cool, refreshing salads or use the microwave.
  6. KEEP YOUR AC UNIT PROPERLY MAINTAINED! We cannot stress the importance of this step enough. Like your car needs an oil change and yearly tune-up, your air conditioning unit needs to have yearly maintenance as well in order to run at its peak. One of the easiest things you can do is to change or clean the filter regularly. A clean filter keeps the air flowing well. A clogged filter can cause the unit to not cool as well as freeze up. Also, don’t forget to call your local AC service technician for a yearly tune-up to have the refrigerant and over all operation of the unit checked. A little preventative maintenance can save quite a bit of money in repairs later down the line, not to mention keeping the unit running efficiently.
  7. Change fan speeds according to the humidity. On highly humid days, set your fan speed to low in order to remove more humidity from the air. Less humidity means a cooler feeling house.
  8. Lower your body temperature. A quick dip in the pool, a cool cloth on the back of the neck, or even a nice cool drink can help lower your body temperature and make you feel cooler. Instead of lowering the air conditioners thermostat, considering lowering your own.


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