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Air Duct Cleaning in West Palm Beach | Don’t Waste Your Money!

summer vanHearing a lot about air duct cleaning in West Palm Beach? Now that summer is making itself felt here in South Florida, there will be a lot of advertisements for AC duct cleaning. We have found, through our extensive knowledge, that duct cleaning is just a way for you, the consumer, to spend more for a service that isn’t necessary.

Here is a list of items that will help keep your air condition system running at its peak performance:

  • Regular scheduled maintenance
    • Yearly Tune Up
    • Monthly Filter Changes
  • Don’t Burn Petroleum Based Candles in your Home
    • Produces a Black Soot that clogs the filter and gets on the coils

Instead of spending the money on an “air conditioning system duct cleaning” try getting your coils cleaned, your filters changed and a tune up. If you are seeing a lot of dark “spray” coming from your vents, chances are it’s a combination of your coil and your filters as well as things such as candles, pets, and smokers in the home, etc. The above tips should take care of the problem.

by Rob Watford

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